Bike POWER Program - 12 Weeks (Power & VO2max)

This training program will boost your performances at high intensity using the C2 Bike. During this 12 week program, you will explore different types of efforts (Neuromuscular Power, Long Sprints, VO2max Training, Fundamental Endurance) that will allow you to perform better on your short efforts (10 seconds to 15 minutes) in the sport of CrossFit or in other sports.

In this program:







The Program will Boost your Power, Increase your VO2 max & Improve your Sports Performance.

With this program, you will have access to:

✅ Optimized Planning

12 weeks periodized to guarantee you the best possible results at the end of the training program.

✅ A Strong Foundation

The program is done on a low-intensity foundation (Zone 2) to increase your recovery capacity and your tolerance to high intensity.

✅ Detailed Explanations

Understand WHY you are doing different workouts and HOW they will help you push your limits.

✅ Significant Results

Impact your sports performance by increasing your maximum power and high intensity efforts.

✅ Effective Workouts

Sessions that are straight to the point to maximize physiological adaptations without causing unnecessary fatigue.

✅ The Best Support

Find each week an explanation video detailing the objectives and structure of the week and workouts. Ask your questions & get support along the way.

Program Content

General Information

✅ Introduction to the BikeErg POWER Program - 12 mins

✅ Onboarding Guide - 11 mins

✅ Start of the Program - Overview - 17 mins

✅ Your Tracking Sheet - 6 mins

✅ BONUS: Score Sheet for your Workouts! - 1 min

Week 1

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 1 - 3 mins

✅ How To Perform Your Max Sprints - 4 mins

✅ Sprint Week 1 - Details - 6 mins

Week 2

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 2 - 3 mins

✅ Schedule your Wingate Intervals - 5 mins

Week 3

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 3 - 3 mins

✅ Programming your Intervals 30/15 with ErgData - 4 mins

Week 4

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 4 - 1 min

Week 5

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 5 - 4 mins

✅ Example of Rolling Start for the "Acid Bath" Intervals - 3 mins

Week 6

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 6 - 3 mins

Week 7

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 7 - 2 mins

Week 8

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 8 - 2 mins

Week 9

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 9 - 2 mins

Week 10

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 10 - 2 mins

Week 11

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 11 - 2 mins

Week 12

✅ BikeErg Power Workouts Week 12 - 2 mins

✅ Strategy for your Re-Tests (3', 12' and Sprint Max) - 4 mins

✅ What to do after BikeErg Power?- 4 mins

✅ Tell me about your progress!

Sean Seale

Physical Preparation Coach

Sean is a physical trainer specializing in conditioning & breath work for athletes in CrossFit®️, Combat Sports, and Endurance Sports (Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, etc.).

Sean also acts as a consultant and trainer for gym owners, sports organizations (regional and national), and coaches wishing to deepen their knowledge or their approach.

🚀 Join over 100 participants in the Bike POWER program

Optimized Planning

The POWER program follows a thoughtful periodization so that you can progress serenely each week. The planning is thought out so that you can combine this program with other sports activities and still reap the benefits.

📈 An Individual Tracking Sheet

Each person will receive a detailed sheet in which you can enter your evaluation results (included in the program). This sheet will help you track your progress throughout the program.

The Complete Program to Boost Your Performance


"I really liked this program because it was clear and organized. I recommend it to all athletes, you never develop this aspect enough which in the end will develop everything else."

Rachele, Coach & CrossFit®️ Athlete

"Not easy work at all, but the gains are quickly felt and observed.

+150 watts in SPRINT, record and + 30 watts on my 6 minutes (350w to 380w), a capacity withheld more volume of work and intensity thanks to ZONE 2 but above all a faster and more efficient recovery at the training and competition."


Coach & CrossFit®️ Athlete

"I did some Wingate work with Sean during the spring of 2022. This work not only made me progress on the BikeErg (+150W on sprints, better tolerance on repeated sprints) but especially in the METCONs. Indeed, I found an excellent transfer on short efforts (Fran type), on the ability to accelerate during an effort and on my ability to switch from one modality to another during an intense effort. I can't recommend it enough!"


Coach &CrossFit®️ Athlete

"The Power Program Sean built has allowed me to take my VO2 efforts to the next level and prepare myself for my competitive deadlines.

A must to prepare for the season.."


Team Alinghi Redbull Racing

"I wanted to do this program to work on my power and endurance with structure. I feel the burn coming on in my thighs too quickly in training and I wanted to improve that...

I really liked this program because it was clear and well organized. All you had to do was organize your week and do the work. It was also a great time to do it for me in terms of scheduling.

I used to have a lot of trouble spending time on the bike, but now I like it, and having a plan makes it much easier to do. I follow the protocol and that's it.

I recommend it to all athletes, we can never develop this aspect enough, which in the end will help everything else. Better tolerance to volume, intensity, better recovery.

I can't wait to continue with the ENDURE program.

Thanks, Sean for your availability and professionalism!"


Coach & CrossFitⓇ Athlete

"Sprinting on the BikeErg has made me progress considerably. In just a few weeks I went from 637 max watts to 724 max watts, almost 100 watts more!

Thank you Sean for your help, your shared knowledge, and the progress!"


Professional CrossFit®️ Athlete

Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

What is the goal of this BikeErg POWER training program?

The goal of this conditioning program is to improve your peak power output as well as your VO2max. Those physiological qualities will help you in short efforts (10 seconds to 15 minutes) making it the perfect general conditioning program for CrossFitters, MMA fighters or other sports.

Who is this program suitable for?

This BikeErg Program is ideal for CrossFit athletes or competitors who wish to improve their conditioning and high-intensity abilities. It can also be used by fighters, soccer players, and other athletes to improve their high-intensity conditioning.

In BikeErg POWER compatible with a CrossFit Program?

Absolutely. Watch the integration guide carefully to get the most out of this training program while still training for CrossFit following a dedicated plan.

How long is the program?

The program lasts 12 weeks. You'll need to complete a couple of tests in week zero and repeat them in week 13 to track your progress.

How many days a week should I train during this program?

There are between 3 and 4 sessions per week on the BikeErg POWER program, although you can reduce this to 2/3 sessions (depending on the week) per week if you break up the first session into pre/post workout blocs at other times. This is explained in detail during the overview of the program.

Can I customize the BikeErg POWER program to fit my personal schedule?

You can definitely adjust the training days to fit your need. The best is to line it up with your other sessions to get the most out of your overall training routine. You'll find more details inside the integration guide.

What equipment do I need for this program?

All you need to complete this training program is a BikeErg OR another bike that has watts (power) displayed. WattBikes works fine. You could also use your own bike outside or on indoor training as long as you have a power meter.

How is the BikeErg POWER program structured?

The BikeErg POWER program is structured on a background of low intensity (zone 2) training. The intense sessions are distributed along the way to give your the best bang for your buck without generating too much fatigue.

How will I know if I am making progress in the program?

During week zero and week 1, you will complete some tests that will help us track your progress throughout the program. You'll also be able to download your training sheet where you can make notes at every session to track your evolution from session to session.

What kind of support will I have during the program?

All the explanations are provided in great detail with videos each week. You'll also be able to access your coach via the comment section on each lesson/training week. Simply ask your question and you will get an answer!

Is the program suitable for beginners in CrossFit as well as experience athletes?

Absolutely. This program has proven itself with beginners all the way up to the top 10 semi-final competitors. Since all the training is individualised on the basis of the initial tests, this program is adaptable to all levels.

Can the program be adjusted for athletes with injuries or special needs?

If you have an injury, we don't recommend that you engage in this program unless you've been cleared by your medical practitioner for maximal efforts again.

Are there any nutritional guidelines provided with the program?

No, nutrition is not a part of this BIkeErg training program.

Can I expect to see results within a specific time frame?

The first sensations of improved performance and high-intensity tolerance can show up as early as 4 weeks in, but most people will really start feeling the difference between weeks 8 and 12. The tests will confirm your progress!

Are there any prerequisites for starting this program?

All you need is a BikeErg (or other option) and the will to work hard and improve your conditioning!

Are there any additional resources provided with the program?

You'll find detailed explanations each week as well as information on specific sessions, how to set up the workouts on the PM5, how to pace yourself, what to expect from each session, and how to track your progress along the way.

Satisfied or Reimbursed!

If you complete all training sessions for the first 4 weeks (paper tracking and supporting photos) but are not satisfied with the program, you can request a full refund (up to 30 days after the purchase).

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