Bike ENDURE 2.0 Endurance & Recovery

Accelerate your recovery, increase your work capacity, and boost your endurance with this training program (Version 2.0). Each week, you will explore several intensities of effort (Tempo, Threshold, Fundamental Endurance) which will allow you to improve your physical condition and support your fitness & training goals. It's time to get yourself the fitness you deserve!

In this program:







The Program to Boost your Endurance, Increase your Work Capacity & Accelerate your Recovery.

Thanks to this program, you are going to develop:

✅ Endurance

Learn to endure, stronger and longer. Push back your fatigue threshold and maintain high speeds during your long efforts without having to slow down.

✅ Work Capacity

Develop a higher work capacity with BikeErg ENDURE. Allows your body to assimilate all the workouts that you do.

✅ Recovery

Recover optimally despite your busy training weeks. Accelerate your recovery between your sessions, between your series and even during your WOD transition!

Improve Your Conditioning - Testimonial

Contents of Endure 2.0


✅ BikeErg Endure 2.0 - Introduction - 10 mins

✅ Integration Guide - How to use this Program? - 9 mins

Set-Up - BikeErg ENDURE

✅ Overview BikeErg ENDURE 2.0 - 18 mins

✅ BikeErg ENDURE Tracking Sheet - 5 mins

✅ Profiling: Use Your Test Results to Individualize Your Program - 12 mins

Week 1

✅ Endure S1 workouts - 4 mins

✅ Program your 20' or 30' Test with ErgData - 1 min

Week 2

✅ Endure S2 Workouts - 3 mins

✅ Shuttle Monster program with ErgData - 1 min

Week 3

✅ Endure S3 Workouts - 2 mins

Week 4

✅ Endure S4 Workouts - 2 mins

Week 5

✅ Endure S5 Workouts - 2 mins

Week 6

✅ Endure S6 Workouts - 2 mins

Week 7

✅ Endure S7 Workouts - 3 mins

Week 8

✅ Endure S8 Workouts - 2 mins

✅ Over Under program with ErgData - 2 mins

Week 9

✅ Endure S9 Workouts - 2 mins

Week 10

✅ Endure S10 Workouts - 3 mins

Week 11

✅ Endure S11 Workouts- 3 mins

Week 12

✅ Endure S12 Workouts - 2 mins

✅ Your Results! - Please send them to me

BONUS: Additional Training Cycles

⭐️ Overview of the 4 cycles of BikeErg ENDURE - 5 mins

⭐️ 12 Week Cycle - Explanations - 4 mins

⭐️ 10 Week Cycle - Explanations - 4 mins

⭐️ 8 Week Cycle - Explanations - 5 mins

⭐️ 6 Week Cycle - Explanations - 5 mins

⭐️ Maintenance Cycle - 8 Weeks - Explanations - 5 mins

Sean Seale

Physical Preparation Coach

Sean is a physical trainer specializing in conditioning & breath work for athletes in CrossFitⓇ, Combat Sports, and Endurance Sports (Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, etc.).

Sean also acts as a consultant and trainer for gym owners, sports organizations (regional and national), and coaches wishing to deepen their knowledge or their approach.

🚀 Join over 200 participants in the BikeErg ENDURE program

Improve your GPP (General Physical Preparation)

The bike training that you are going to do is going to improve your PPG, in other words, the base of your physical condition.

You will see a transfer from the ENDURE program to your other sports activities such as rowing, running, and even upper body movements such as gymnastics.

📈 Expected results*

*Typical results for program participants who completed the workouts following the instructions and optimizing their recovery between sessions.

Progress on the 20' test: This test carried out in week 1 and week 12 allows you to quantify your progress. 90% of participants saw between 5% and 15% improvement in 12 weeks!

Heart Economy: Another parameter that is measured is the Heart Rate during a fixed effort at low intensity. The number of "saved" beats between week 1 and 12 is in green on the graph.

Beyond the Bike

Apart from their progress on the bike, the participants also listed several positive benefits of their other training (non-cycling).

✅ Faster Heart Recovery after Exercise

✅ Better Recovery during Transitions (WOD) / Between Sets

✅ Better Work Capacity / Training Volume Tolerance

✅ Ability to Maintain a Higher Pace for Longer

✅ Lower Heart Rate even at High Intensity

✅ Less Muscle Congestion

✅ Better Self-Awareness (Effort Management)

✅ Better Discomfort (Pain) Tolerance at High Intensity

✅ Better Nerve Recovery

Preparing for your FIRST 7-hour Cyclosportive with ENDURE? It's possible!

In this video, Thomas & Simon from Training Therapie tell us how they prepared for their first bike competition using the Bike ENDURE program.

Contenu BONUS - Programme Rameur Indoor

Des éléments supplémentaires pour améliorer ta préparation physique et ton expérience avec le programme rameur.

BONUS 1: Training Guides

Value 86.- (free)

In these guides, you will discover elements that will help you train better to achieve your goals and get the most out of the program. You will learn how to adjust the resistance of your bike in order to use the ideal cadence. You will also know how to optimize your recovery between two intervals depending on the type of effort performed. You won't have any more questions about RPE thanks to the guide on the perception of effort. And finally, you will learn to optimize your breathing during the effort provided.


Physical Preparation, Critical Power & Sprint Interval Training Webinars

Value: 147.- (free)

You came for the program, but you will stay for the educational content! These additional webinars will boost your knowledge and allow you to better integrate the work in the program. The first webinar will cover general physical preparation in the context of conditioning and why you should be interested in it as an athlete. You will also discover critical power, what it means, and how it can help us. Finally, the third webinar will cover Sprint Interval Training, a brutal but extremely effective training method!


Cycles 6,8,10 + Maintenance

Value: 336.- (free)

On several occasions, I have been asked if ENDURE exists in a shorter version. Now, no matter the time of the season, you can place your ENDURE training cycle to continue developing your endurance qualities even with little time between two competitions! This third bonus includes 3 additional training cycles as well as a new cycle that will require less training volume. You have everything you need to succeed!

ENDURE Bike Program

12 Week Program - 179 Euros
⭐️ Training Guides - 86 Euros
⭐️ Training Webinars - 147 Euros
⭐️ 6 Week Program - 59 Euros

⭐️ 8 Week Program - 79 Euros

⭐️ 10 Week Program - 99 Euros

⭐️ Maintenance Program - 99 Euros

Total Value: 748 Euros


"By integrating this work into my week, I quickly realized that my body tolerated the overall training volume much better."

Jules, CrossFit Athlete®️

"I recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness and recovery."


CrossFit Athlete®️

"I would recommend this program to any athlete looking to develop their fitness and to all foodies who like to eat watts 🤪."


CrossFit®️ Athlete

"Frankly, it does me a lot of good, I feel it more and more. I feel like I have had easier WOD transitions over the past few weeks.

Then, on the recovery, my bpm comes down quite quickly directly after a WOD even while climbing to 175bpm. As I told you, I also saw an improvement in my road bike outings, on the intensity that I can give, on the flat or even uphill, as well as on the length.

Concretely with the real tests, we see that there is an evolution. I started with the 20 minutes a few months ago at 290w then 311 in August and 331w at the end of September. So thanks!! I feel fit and ready for the season!! It is the best!! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼."


CrossFit®️ Athlete

"I get out of breath a lot less in weightlifting. I feel like I can maintain a steady pace longer in WOD.

When I'm in the red, my 3/4 zone is a good benchmark to take the lead on my breath and keep moving forward. I have a very good feeling in general I feel that I know myself better cardio level and the practice of these zones allows me to better manage myself in WOD. THANKS!"


CrossFit®️ Athlete

"I highly recommend the ENDURE program to all CrossFit practitioners who have a very explosive profile and who have difficulty on long WODs. To all people with sedentary jobs and who need to release stress but who do not have the physical capacities to do high intensity every day. It is a great complement to the WODs given out by Crossfit®️ gyms. Great for people who have upper-body injuries, so as to not stop moving completely or to prevent resuming too quickly. Being in these three cases, the program helped me a lot."



"If I had to recommend it, it would be for a competitor who has the possibility of integrating this program into his programming. For me, this program forced me to cut the rest of my sessions on the weeks where there were more than 3 hours of bike."


CrossFit®️ Athlete

"Program designed in an intelligent way which teaches you to better know where you are in your efforts.

I recommend this program for anyone who wants to work on their long endurance and resistance to fatigue.

And it works! The program is designed in a coordinated way with its form (RPE), so as to gradually increase week by week in intensity."


CrossFit®️ Athlete

"I recommend this program to all CrossFit®️ competitors because it improves cardiac performance and therefore endurance."


CrossFit Athlete®️

"First, numbers, +20 watts on the 20-minute BikeErg.

Level sensations, mentally much stronger. For CrossFit®️, much more speed and gas, transitions are shorter thanks to faster bpm coming down and increased lactic 'resistance'. A much more effective recovery with this famous zone 2 post-session and in active recovery session.

If I had to summarize, better performance, improved recovery, and reduced transitions…. Anyway, what are you waiting for to start ;)"


Coach & CrossFit®️ Athlete

"After a profiling test at Sean's in Switzerland, I was able to test the endurance prog to work on the priorities revealed by the test and the progress is dazzling both in terms of feelings and figures and in many areas! !! 10 to 15 bpm in Z2, a much better ease in Z5 in WODs with a more sustained pace and a longer working time in this zone. Less muscle fatigue in gymnastics and the list goes on and on.

On top of everything, the program is easily assimilated with CrossFit®️ training in parallel for anyone (athlete or not) wishing to get a little involved in their training. I can only recommend getting started, I still wonder why it took me so long to do it!!!!."


CrossFit®️ Athlete

"I recommend this program to anyone looking for athletic performance. It's a good basis.

On the transitions in the WODs, I need less time to recover between exercises. I was able to increase my ability to hold a pace just below my critical threshold. I feel it in the WODs - I don't explode like I used to."


CrossFit®️ Athlete

"I recommend this program to anyone who is ready to give up CrossFit®️ intensity and spend time on the bike.

I have a rather strength/power profile in CrossFit and that's really what it takes for this genre to progress on the cardio aspect (instead of wod+wod+wod+wod... )."


CrossFit®️ Athlete

"I recommend this program to everyone! Everyone should enjoy these adaptations!"


Coach & CrossFit®️ Athlete

"Ideal program to pass a stage from a conditioning point of view.

The work is really progressive and well thought out, which allows you to arrive at the test after 12 weeks with confidence.

Ideal program in the off-season or during an injury period which will save a monstrous time afterward in terms of recovery capacity."

Training Therapy

Thomas & Simon

"In just 4 weeks of working on the 8-week program (due to hamstring muscle injury) and a few weeks of regular zone 2 work, I noticed a better adaptation to my training.

I can do more sessions over the week, I recover better between 2 sessions and even better between two series of work, intervals,… My heartbeats have also decreased by 4 to 5 over 1 hour of work on the bike compared to the beginning.

In conclusion, very satisfied with the program and its benefits and with Zone 2 in general. I can only recommend the programs and salute the work that Sean does in general, whether on YouTube or otherwise.

Maxime, Football Athlete

Have Questions? We've Got Answers

Who is this BikeErg training program for? Is it for cyclists only?

Absolutely not! This program will help you develop general endurance qualities. It can serve you no matter your discipline of choice. This program works especially well for athletes in CrossFit®️, MMA, and other intense sports that require a lot of work capacity!

Is it necessary to have a BikeErg to perform this program?

NO! As long as you have a bike that tracks the power (in watts) you can use this program. Be careful not to transpose the watts between different machines - the calibrations are almost always different!

I already do another sport on the side - can I still use this program?

Absolutely! This program is not too intense which allows it to be combined with other sports. I invite you to consult the integration guide to understand how to adjust your workouts for BikeErg ENDURE.

Can I combine BikeErg ENDURE with weight training?

Absolutely! Consult the integration guide to find out how to best adjust your week!

I don't have 12 weeks ahead of me to follow the full version. What do you suggest?

With the BikeErg ENDURE program, you automatically have access to the 6, 8, 10, and 12-week versions of the programs. This way you can do the cycle that suits you depending on the time of year!

I have a shoulder injury - can I still complete this program?

Yes, I recommend that you set the handlebars as high as possible to take the load off your upper body while you get back from your upper body injury.

I don't have any physiological data on myself. How will the program be individualized?

At the beginning of the program, you will perform a performance test (20' or 30') that will allow us to estimate your second threshold. Based on this, we will calculate training zones in order to have simple guidelines to structure the training sessions. This is not "as accurate" as physiological data, but as long as you stick to the prescribed RPEs for each session, the quality of the program will remain very high.

I have done a physiological profile or lactate test and have accurate data. Can I use this information for the program?

Absolutely! If you've taken a lactate test (using Protocol 41 or not) in the last 3 months, you can use that information to individualize your training intensities during this program. Once in the program, a video will explain exactly how to use your test data and the personalized tracking sheet.

I don't own a BikeErg but I have access to a Concept 2 rowing machine. Can I do the program on the rowing machine?

Unfortunately, this program is designed for the bike and not the rower. The technical and mechanical constraints of the rowing machine are such that the volume and structure of this program would not be adequate. However, a rowing program will be added to the collection soon!

I'm not sure if I should start with BikeErg POWER or BikeErg ENDURE. Which one should I start with?

I recommend that you start with this program, BikeErg ENDURE. This will help you develop your work capacity, intensity tolerance, and recovery. Once you have completed the first cycle of the program, you will be able to continue with the BikeErg POWER Program to complete your overall conditioning profile on the bike.

I have a bike that shows watts but not the average power. How can I complete the test?

If your bike/ergometer doesn't show you average watts (only instantaneous watts), you can simply record your watts every 2 minutes during the performance test. You then average the 10 (or 15) measurements you took (depending on whether you are doing the 20' or 30' test). This requires some preparation (paper and pencil available during the test) or doing it with someone who can record your watts as you go.

Satisfaction Guarenteed!

If you complete all the training sessions for the first 4 weeks (with paper tracking and supporting photos) but are not satisfied with the program, you can request a full refund (up to 30 days after the purchase).

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