Understanding Physiological Thresholds and Training Zones

This course is aimed at personal trainers, coaches, and physiotherapists who wish to gain a better understanding of the concepts of physiological thresholds and training zones. With over 190 slides organized into 4 modules, you'll come away with an overview that will enable you to understand and contextualize all the information available in 2023 around endurance training in different sports.

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By the Numbers...

✅ +190 Original Slides

Dynamic, modern, animated presentations to illustrate important information.

✅ +6 Hours of Video Content

All the video content you need to explore and understand the subject.

✅ +50 References

Over 50 scientific references and complementary videos to deepen your knowledge if you want to go further.

Sean Seale

S&C Coach

Sean is an S&C Coach specializing in conditioning & respiratory training for athletes in CrossFitⓇ, Combat Sports and Endurance Sports (Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, etc...).

Sean also acts as a consultant and educator for gym owners, sports organizations (regional and national) and coaches wishing to deepen their knowledge or their approach.

Content of the Course

This online course is structured into 4 modules to help you understand fundamental physiological concepts, intensity ranges, physiological thresholds, and training zones. The various lessons are delivered in the form of video presentations (webinar type) designed to illustrate and contextualize the information conveyed. Each lesson lasts between 7 and 30 minutes.


✅ Why Physiological Thresholds and Training Zones?? - 8 mins

Module 1: Fundamental Concepts in Bioenergetics

✅ Lesson 1: Energy Systems and Muscle Fibers - 23 mins

✅ Lesson 2: Size Principle and Oxygen Supply - 16 mins

Module 2: Intensity Domains

✅ Lesson 3: Introduction to Intensity Domains - 8 mins

✅ Lesson 4: The Moderate Intensity Domain - 17 mins

✅ Lesson 5: The Heavy Intensity Domain - 14 mins

✅ Lesson 6: The Severe Intensity Domain - 17 mins

Module 3: Physiological Thresholds

✅ Lesson 7: Introduction to Physiological Thresholds - 7 mins

✅ Lesson 8: The First Physiological Threshold - 30 mins

✅ Lesson 9: The Second Physiological Threshold - 38 mins

Module 4: Les Zones d'Entraînement

✅ Lesson 10: Introduction to Training Zones - 5 mins

✅ Lesson 11: Training Zones - 35 mins

BONUS - Seminar on Training Physiology and Conditioning

✅ CrossFit Vitus - Conditioning Seminar Part 1 - 23 mins

✅ CrossFit Vitus - Conditioning Seminar Part 2 - 27 mins

✅ CrossFit Vitus - Conditioning Seminar Part 3 - 9 mins

✅ CrossFit Vitus - Conditioning Seminar Part 4 - 21 mins

✅ CrossFit Vitus - Conditioning Seminar Part 5 - 29 mins

✅ CrossFit Vitus - Conditioning Seminar Part 6 - 26 mins


"Thank you Sean for this course. The content is thorough yet well-simplified. Everything there is to know about the theoretical foundations of physiological thresholds and training zones is detailed. Well done, I look forward to your next courses!"


Personal Trainer

"Thank you for your time and hard work. This synthesis work is an essential time-saver in my development in this profession!"


Triathlete and Coach

"Excellent course, clear and easy to understand. Sean did a great job of summarizing it all!"


S&C Coach

"Brilliant! Everything is really well explained and synthesized! A must for understanding exercise physiology."


S&C Coach

"A real work of synthesis with a pro-active approach to characterizing energy demands. Making science accessible. Democratize and popularize these concepts for as many people as possible. Better understanding is already a step towards potentially "training more efficiently". A fine self-teaching example of a genuine scientific approach. Thank you for this professional project."


S&C Coach

"I've just finished Sean's online course, and it's exceptional! It summarizes everything you need to understand and master the basics of intensity prescription."


Sport Scientist

"The course is very concise and at the same time very dense. The content is of excellent quality and very well presented. Bravo, the result is very good and to be recommended to those who are interested in their sport and sport in general."



"A course that puts a whole raft of concepts back in order and gives you a much clearer picture of endurance training! In short, a top-notch course to update your knowledge."


Handball S&C Coach

"Great course, really interesting, I'm going to put it into practice right away."


S&C Coach

"Extremely comprehensive and, because of its format, extremely easy to assimilate. Sean provides us with a wealth of knowledge, each time adding his own field experience. I can't recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Sean!"



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You have Questions, we have Answers!

Who is this course designed for?

This course is aimed primarily at sports coaches, fitness trainers, and other health professionals who wish to understand the concepts of physiological thresholds and training zones.

I'm not yet certified - can I take this course?

Absolutely. There are no educational prerequisites for this course.

What can I do to take full advantage of this course?

I strongly advise you to take notes throughout the course and then synthesize your notes once you've finished watching the presentations. This will help you to better integrate the information you've learned and relate it to your previous (and future) knowledge.

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