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No one ever taught you that you could train your respiratory system and transform the way you perform. Thanks to this cutting-edge program, you'll be able to:

(Re)learn the basics of breathing to finally control your breath and put it to work for your sporting performance.

Develop extraordinary respiratory coordination thanks to specific sessions to better manage frequency and volume.

Optimize your breathing under stress with underestimated techniques and stop feeling limited.

Master the Breathe Way Better*, the best breathing tool on the market, developed by breathing experts. (*tool not included, to be ordered separately)

"The gains in well-being and performance are so high that, in my opinion, this program should at least be given a try."

Vincent Foullonneau

4x Indoor Rowing French Champion

In This Program:







Explore Respiratory Training

while following a progressive and structured program!

✅ Breathe Way Better

An isocapnic respiratory training device used by the best athletes in the world to improve their athletic performance.

✅ Respiratory Exercises

Discover a new breathing exercise every week that you can integrate into your daily life or your workouts to better control your breathing.

✅ Health & Performance

Better control of your respiratory functions will have a positive impact not only on your daily life but also on your performance in training and in competition.

✅ Progressive Program

This introductory program to Breathe Way Better (BWB) is designed to help you master the fundamentals of breathing to complement your sports practice.

Train Your Respiratory System

Retour sur le programme respiratoire en course à pied avec Maxime

Program Content


✅ Respiratory Training - Program Overview - 15 mins
✅ How to Use the Breathe Way Better - 12 mins

Week 1 - Respiratory Control and Coordination

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 1 - 10 mins

✅ Respiratory Coordination Test - Guidelines - 6 mins

✅ Setting Up Your Metronome for Training - 3 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week 1 - 10 mins

Week 2 - Breathing and Passive Mobility

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 2 - 7 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week - 8 mins

Week 3 - Breathing and the Nervous System

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 3 - 3 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week 3 - 3 mins

Week 4 - Controlled Hypoventilation

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 4 - 2 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week 4 - 5 mins

Week 5 - Consolidation Weeks 1-4

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 5 - 3 mins

✅ How to Setup Your Metronome for Power Sessions - 4 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week 5 - 2 min

Week 6 - Breathing and Active Mobility

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 6 - 2 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week 6 - 3 mins

Week 7 - Respiratory Warm Up

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 7 - 2 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week 7 - 3 mins

Week 8 - Breathing and Improved Recovery

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 8 - 2 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week 8 - 3 mins

Week 9 - Hypoventilation During Training

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 9 - 2 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise Week 9 - 2 mins

Week 10 - BWB Post Effort

✅ Breathe Way Better Training Week 10 - 3 mins

✅ Breathing Exercise - Week 10 + Program Conclusion (and What to do Next) - 9 mins

✅ Tes Résultats - Partages-les ici!

Sean Seale

Sports Performance Coach

Sean is a performance coach specializing in conditioning & respiratory training for athletes in CrossFitⓇ, Combat Sports, and Endurance Sports (Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, etc.).

Sean also works as a consultant and trainer with gym owners, sports organizations (regional and national), and coaches wishing to deepen their knowledge or their approach.

Respiratory Training Should Be Part of Your Repertoire!

A Practice Long Used By The Best

To my knowledge, Breath Training was already used by professional athletes more than 15 years ago.

Today, this practice is gradually spreading. But why should it remain reserved for the elite?

Respiratory Training is accessible to anyone who is willing to invest the time needed to understand and practice it.

The Respiratory System - At A Crossroads

The respiratory system is an essential part of how our body functions. Whether we're talking about ventilation, cellular respiration, muscle function, the beating of the heart, the transport of oxygen in the blood, or even the functioning of our nervous system. The respiratory system plays an absolutely central role.

Thanks to this program, you will discover the basics of respiratory training and how to use your respiratory system to your advantage in your daily life as well as in your sports activities.

Wondering if Respiratory Training really works?

You're not alone. This training modality has been rigorously studied for several years now.

The research results are equivocal: "Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) has been shown to improve performance in a wide range of exercise modalities, including running, cycling, swimming and rowing." (Shei et al., 2018)

In addition to this, it should be noted that only a small part of the possibilities of Respiratory Training have been studied so far.

What Students Have to Say

"I use the BWB before every competition workout in addition to following Sean's respiratory training program. It allows me to warm up my respiratory system and helps me calm myself down before important events."

Claudia Gluck, Professional Crossfit®️ Athlete

"I spent about a year performing breathing exercises without equipment and it helped me a lot only the BreathWay Better really allows you to go a step beyond that. In 4 weeks with Sean's program, I was able to observe a significant improvement in my respiratory coordination but also in my endurance with a much greater maintenance of the volume per breath, even during my Crossfit training. I believe Sean's program is a great way to improve one's health and performance."

Quentin Bourré

Coach & CrossFitⓇ Athlete

"This respiratory training program is very well explained and is progressive. It allowed me to see that my breathing technique was lacking and that when I manage to breathe better in training, I perform better."

Laetitia Combelles

CrossFitⓇ Athlete

"It is a pleasure to participate in one of the first respiratory training programs. I feel the importance of working on it to be able to perform in my sessions and endurance competitions."

Anthony Lassave

Coach & Triathlete

"This program allowed me to become aware of the way I was breathing (muscles involved, volume, frequency…). Over the weeks I was able to develop a good breathing technique by voluntarily using my respiratory muscles, which had a big impact on my sports practice. Thanks Sean :)"

Léa Reyes

CrossFitⓇ Athlete

"I really enjoyed working on a forgotten facet of physical skill development for performance!"

Théo Lakmeche

CrossFitⓇ Athlete & Kinesiologist

"After a physiological profile with Sean, we determined that work on my respiratory capacity would be beneficial to my performance. Since I started respiratory training with this program, I have felt a great improvement in my breathing coordination. I am able to move a lot more air with each breath. Very quickly I felt benefits in my sports practice mainly in my recovery potential between high-intensity intervals. I eagerly await the sequel!"

Maxime Walt

Athlete & Running Coach

"Thank you for creating this program, throughout the program I felt an increase in my tolerance for sustained effort, a real tool for progress necessary for anyone who wants to take a step in their physical preparation, no matter the sport."

Thibault Jean

Ultra Cyclist

"The missing link! If you want to understand and improve your breathing in everyday life or in a more athletic way, this program is essential. The program is very well designed and allowed me to optimize my breathing in fundamental endurance efforts and in high-intensity efforts as well."

Noraneath Phlek


"This program is precise and complete with training and exercises. We feel the benefit very quickly in endurance and respiratory coordination. I really felt the difference in my sports practices, running and swimming. And yes, breathing, it can also be trained.."



"An introductory training program for the Breathe Way Better that allows you to get to grips with the tool and develop your coordination and breathing range of motion."


S&C Coach

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Is the Breath Way Better device included in the program?

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I've heard that nose breathing is better than mouth breathing. Why is BWB used with the mouth?

The Breathe Way Better allows you to target your respiratory muscles in a specific way. It must be used in mouth breathing, but nothing prevents you from then using nose breathing when appropriate!

Satisfied or Money Back Guarantee

If you complete all training sessions (paper tracking and supporting photos) for the first 4 weeks but are not satisfied with the program, you can request a full refund (up to 30 days after the purchase).

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