For athletes and coaches who want results with their conditioning


Stop guessing and start measuring today with Protocol 41, your all-in-one resource to learn lactate testing like a pro. With this unique and comprehensive online course, you will:

Avoid faulty lactate measurements by following my simple step-by-step process, even if you have no experience with lactate testing.

Know what protocol to use and how so you can collect all the data you need and finally optimize performance.

Interpret lactate curves quickly and effectively by using my custom interpretation tool.

Save hours on data processing by using Lactate Lab, a done-for-you spreadsheet system that allows you to export practical information (zones, threshold, heart rates, etc…) in only minutes!

"The course is very interesting and detailed. The variety of videos and documents helps a lot. The extra part is the Lactate Lab! Top notch!"


Coach and Triathlete

What to Expect from Protocol 41

📈 A Proven Protocol

I've been using Protocole 41 for several years now to help hundreds of athletes individualize their training, optimize their time and achieve their goals.

👍 Learn from my Mistakes

I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to make them yourself. In this course, I share everything I've learned about lactate testing with Protocol 41.

🚴‍♂️ Interpretation & Training

Learn how to interpret the data and what to do with it. Make the link between your physiology and optimized training.

In this course :







And also:

⭐️ Step-by-Step Guides

⭐️ Done-For-You Sheets

⭐️ Interpretation Tools

"I started lactate testing on myself 3 months ago...

and a few cycling friends to familiarize myself with the procedure. Even when I applied all the essential hygiene procedures, I sometimes got readings that seemed unbelievable and that I didn't keep. Watching the video "Your first lactate test", I became aware of the little details you showed in the course. Good points! I think I've taken a big step forward for my next tests."

Thierry, Triathlete

Content Previews

EXCLUSIVE: Overview of course content Protocol 41

Learn the theoretical basics of Lactate Testing

Here is the list of equipment you will need for this course

Protocol 41 Course Content

Designed to make lactate testing accessible and improve the quality of your workouts.


✅ Welcome to Protocol 41: Introduction
✅ Lactate Profiling: From Theory to Practice

✅ Protocol 41: What awaits you

⁉️Quizz Module 0

Module 1: Lactate Testing Equipment

✅ Introduction to Testing Equipement

✅ Testing Equipment - Shopping List & Budget (PDF)

✅ How to install VO2 Master Manager on your Phone or Tablet

✅ Lactate Scout 4: User manual review

✅ Your First Lactate Sampler (Step-by-Step) - Protocol 41 (PDF)

PRACTICE: Your First Lactate Sample

⁉️ Quizz Module 1

Module 2: The Testing Protocol (P41)

✅ Introduction to Protocol 41

✅ Calibrating your Test (Bike or Erg)

✅ Data Collection (Bike or Erg)

✅ Calibrating your Test (Running)

✅ Data Collection (Running)

BONUS: RPE Scale - Protocol 41 (PDF)

✅ Pre-Test Nutrition - How to Eat?

✅ Lactate at Rest: What to Expect?

✅ Your First Lactate Test - Step by Step (PDF)

PRACTICE: Your First Lactate Test

BONUS: Beyond Protocole 41 - How to Go Further

BONUS: Lactate Testing - 5 Mistakes to Avoic

❓ QUIZZ Module 2

Module 3: Lactate Lab

✅ Introduction to Lactate Lab

✅ Importing your HR Values from VO2MM

✅ Interpreting a Lactate Curve: The Basics

✅ Using to Interpret your Curve

✅ PRACTICE: Analyze your first Lactate curves

✅ Export your Testing Report . Protocol 41

❓ QUIZZ Module 3

Module 4: Training and Progress with Protocol 41

BONUS: Training Guide for Protocol 41

BONUS: Upside Strength Case Study

BONUS: Optimize your warm-ups with Lactate

BONUS: How to compare your Curves & Data (Google Sheets Tutorial)

BONUS: Lactate - Learning Resources - Protocol 41 (PDF)

BONUS: Protocol 41 for Mixed Sports (Fitness Sports, MMA, etc...)

BONUS: Protocol 41 for Endurance Sports (Cycling, Running, etc...)

BONUS: Protocol 41 for Team Sports (Soccer, Rugby, etc...)

BONUS: Combine Protocol 41 & Upside Strength Programs

Sean Seale

Performance Coach

Sean is an S&C Coach specialized in conditioning & physiological testing for athletes in CrossFitⓇ, Combat Sports and Endurance Sports (Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, etc...).

Sean also works as a consultant and coach for gym managers, sports organizations (regional and national) and coaches wishing to deepen their knowledge and perfect their approach.

The Course to Measure Your Metabolism, Customize Your Cardio Workouts & Track Your Progress Over the Long Term


your metabolic profile and thresholds using lactate and Protocol 41. Learn how to test yourself autonomously like the pros and gain access to a new field of exploration.


your cycling training, running and more! Establish your training zones based on physiological measurements and your heart rate.


your progress and metabolic development over the medium/long term. Develop your overall fitness and metabolism to the full.

Learn to test lactate like the pros

As an athlete, you want to optimize every training session to get the most out of your efforts. The lactate test will help you target the right zones and individualize your training. It will help you keep track of your fitness all year round, from the comfort of your home or gym.

Contenu BONUS - Programme Rameur Indoor

Des éléments supplémentaires pour améliorer ta préparation physique et ton expérience avec le programme rameur.

BONUS 1: Training Guides

Value: 59.- (included)

What types of training do I need to do to improve my lactate curve? What are the effects of different types of training on the lactate curve? Why should I avoid certain types of training (depending on my objectives)? And what is the cost of different training sessions on the overall training load? You'll find all the answers in these BONUS videos.

BONUS 2: Upside Strength Case Study

Value: 49.- (included)

Learn from my experiences through 10 case studies with different athletes in different sports (Fitness Sports, Ultra Cycling, Running, Sailing, etc...).

BONUS 3: Optimize your warm-ups with lactate

Value: 19.- (included)

Learn how you can use lactate to avoid poor warm-ups and improve the quality of your training sessions.

BONUS 4: Google Sheets tutorial for comparing your data

Value: 49.- (included)

In this tutorial you'll learn how to quickly create beautiful graphs so you can visually compare your heart rate, lactate, RPE data and much more!

BONUS 5: Sports Discipline Evaluation Guide

Value: 59.- (included)

Would you like to know when to do your assessments depending on the time of the season, how many times a year you should test, and what protocol to use? I cover these topics for 3 sports categories: Mixed Sports (Fitness + MMA), Endurance Sports and Team Sports.


"I decided to take this course to learn about lactate testing in everything from the science, measurement, and application. I found this course very practical and actionable. I recommend this course to coaches who are interested in understanding how to train their athletes smarter for faster improvements in performance."


Basketball S&C Coach

"I decided to take this course because I've been following your work for a few years now, and I've learned a lot through your videos and podcasts. I'm a coach in several sports and of course passionate about the world of training. It's only natural that I chose to take this course to supplement my knowledge and support your excellent work. I'm very satisfied with the content and form of this course, and I recommend it to any athlete who wants to target their training, as well as to coaches. A big thank you Sean for all the research, thought and popularization you've done."


Ultra-Trail Runner & Coach

"Sean's lactate test (Protocol 41) was simple to perform and added a lot of value. Thanks to him, I was able to optimize my training intensities in order to train as well as possible. Thanks Sean"


Professional CrossFitⓇ Athete

"Sean's lactate test was particularly easy to set up. It enabled me to individualize my training zones and optimize my sessions. After 6 weeks of training, I could see a great improvement both on the bike and in my fitness in general!"


CrossFitⓇ athlete & coach

"Because I did the lactate test, conditioning workouts became much easier to understand. I now have all the correct data to train according to my physical condition.."


CrossFitⓇ athlete

"The lactate test carried out with Sean is interesting because not only can we cross-reference the data with other tests to optimize training intensities, but we also have our own comparative data for future tests to quantify progress!"


Physiotherapist & Educator

"Sean's lactate test enabled me to reveal and quantify precisely the metabolic adaptation problems I'd been experiencing for several months. However, what added considerable value to the test was Sean's interpretation. This forms the basis of my new training cycle."


CrossFitⓇ enthusiast

"My threshold test helped me enormously to understand the real low intensity, and not the one you want as low. What's more, I was able to train with the certainty that every minute spent in these zones was beneficial and precise."


CrossFitⓇ athlete

"A huge thank you to Sean for this test and his method based on measuring lactate during exercise. We were able to better target my work zones, readjust my cadence on the run and thanks to which I've seen enormous progress during my training sessions."


CrossFitⓇ athlete

"The lactate test has enabled me to use precise, quantifiable measurements to optimize and make the most of my endurance work."


CrossFitⓇ athlete

"I loved the content, very well explained, simple and effective, guided from A to Z. Sean is very available if you have any doubts. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve their health and sporting performance."


Coach and Athlete

"I decided to take this course after doing testing with Sean. I signed up so that I could better understand the basis of this protocol and also so that I could do it myself during my training sessions or with other people. The course was very interesting and detailed. The variety of videos and documents helps a lot. The extra part is the Lactate Lab! Top notch!"


Coach and Triathlete

"Great course, very complete! I recommend it to everyone, bravo."


Swimming Coach

"Perfect, nothing to complain about for the geek that I am (I love it when it's structured). I recommend this course to professionals and geeks alike."


Sports physio & Runner

"Sean's lactate test was an eye-opener. With this new vision of conditioning, I can take my training to the next level."


CrossFitⓇ athlete

"Quite simply, thanks to the lactate test, I've been able to specify my training thresholds so that I can optimize the time I spend training. It also enabled me to learn a little more about myself and the way I function.

I'm taking something positive from it, with new performance objectives that I can't wait to see change."


CrossFitⓇ athlete

"Thanks to Sean's lactate tests, I'm now able to individualize my training and achieve optimal performance during CrossFit sessions."


CrossFitⓇ athlete

"I was finally able to find a lever to maintain or even optimize a high level of endurance performance while maintaining volume on the rest; thanks to the lactate test.

My programming is planned thanks to this test and is totally in line with my needs!"


CrossFitⓇ athlete

"Sean's lactate test is simple and comprehensive, and helped me learn more about my metabolism and thresholds. The results followed on their own, less tired after and during training and able to put in more volume over the days and weeks and the progress stays over time."


CrossFitⓇ athlete

Protocol 41: Online Course

Modules 1-3 - 499 Euros
Lactate Lab - 299 Euros
Case Studies - 49 Euros
Training Guides - 78 Euros
Google Sheets Tutorial - 49 Euros
Testing Guides - 59 Euros

Total Value: 1033 Euros

Get your Certificate of Participation

Complete all the lessons and quizzes to receive your Protocol 41 course certificate.

You have Questions, we have Answers!

What equipment do I need to perform a lactate test?

To implement Protocol 41, you'll need a lactate analyzer and access to a modality on which to perform the tests (running, cycling, etc.). I recommend using a bike to begin with.

What is the lactate test and why is it important for athletes?

The lactate test is a way of determining a person's training zones based on their current physiological profile rather than arbitrary heart rate percentages. The lactate test is important to ensure that you don't waste time training and that you get the progress you've been hoping for!

Who is Protocol 41 designed for?

Protocol 41 is a lactate testing protocol designed for those who wish to optimize their conditioning (cardio) training and better understand their physiology. Whether you're a coach or an athlete, take your training to the next level with Protocol 41.

How does the lactate test help athletes optimize their training?

By individualizing your training zones with the lactate test, you can ensure that every minute spent on conditioning is put to good use. Organize your training according to your own physiology and quantify your progress over time.

For which sports is Protocol 41 most beneficial?

I've had success using Protocol 41 to help athletes improve their fitness in endurance sports, but not only. These include cycling, rowing, running, cross-country skiing, kayaking, grinding (upper body cycling), Hyrox, Spartan Racing but also CrossFit, MMA, boxing, soccer, rugby, volleyball, tennis and many more.

Can Protocole 41 be used outdoors (bike, run, etc.)?

You can absolutely apply the principles of this course outdoors. However, it should be noted that the logistics of outdoor testing are not as straightforward as if you were "on site" (home trainer, treadmill, etc.).

How can I perform a lactate test on myself?

That's exactly what you'll learn with this course: Protocol 41 for athletes. All the details are included to make your first steps in lactate measurement as easy as possible!

How to choose the right protocol for lactate testing?

The protocol I'm going to present in this course is an excellent starting point for most athletes wishing to improve their fitness. You can discover other lactate testing protocols on my resources page.

How can I interpret the results of my lactate test to improve my training?

Protocol 41 includes a dashboard designed to help you through the analysis process. Each stage of interpretation is explained in detail. You'll also learn how to organize your training based on your test results.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Absolutely! There's no deadline or set pace. You're free to complete the course at your own pace.

Is the lactate test safe for all athletes or are there any contraindications?

The lactate test is absolutely safe when performed correctly. Follow the safety recommendations and consult your healthcare professional if you have any doubts about performing a lactate test.

Can the lactate test be used for endurance sports such as running and cycling?

Absolutely! Anyone who wants to train optimally and individually for running or cycling should know their physiological profile. That's what Protocol 41 is all about.

Can Protocole 41 be used for my Testing on Rameur, WattBike, Assault Bike, etc.?

Absolutely! Protocol 41 adapts easily to all modalities, as long as you can display watts (power) or speed (km/h or min/km).

How can the lactate test be used to improve performance in sports such as Fitness Sport and MMA?

I've had great success applying Protocol 41 with athletes in the Sport of Fitness and MMA. Think of it as the foundation for all your training. The better your conditioning, the better you can train, the harder you can train and the better you will perform.

Can the lactate test be used to monitor progress over time in a specific sport?

Lactate testing with Protocol 41 will help you monitor your overall conditioning (e.g. cycling or running). Although it's not about the sport itself (unless you're a cyclist, runner or triathlete), it will have a direct impact on any training you do for your sport.

I'm a coach. Can I take this course to test my athletes?

This course is designed for those who wish to test themselves as athletes. This course is not intended to teach you how to offer a lactate testing service. Consult your local authorities about the legal aspects of performing a lactate test on others.

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