For Sports Enthusiasts and Athletes (who want to improve their cardio!)



The Complete Guide for Sports Enthusiasts and Athletes who want to understand training zones, better structure their workouts, and finally improve their cardio.

In this series of 4 videos, you'll discover:

☑️ ZONES SIMPLIFIED: Finally understand the training zones for all models (3,5,7 zones) and put an end to your uncertainty.

☑️ How to calibrate your training zones without expensive equipment or advanced physiology knowledge.

☑️ ZONE 2 Training: How to use this (often misunderstood) training zone for team sports, combat sports, strength sports, CF, and more!

☑️ How to avoid the #1 programming mistake for cardio and learn how to organize your training to perform better, save time and energy.

Who am I?

Let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Sean.

As an S&C Coach for nearly 10 years, I've always been passionate about sport and the quest for performance... and like you, I've been through some difficult phases.

Just when I thought I was at the top of my game in indoor rowing, I injured my back in 2019.

At the time, I didn't understand how to manage my cardio training to maximize my performance and limit the risk of injury.

So I went straight into the wall.

It was after this complicated period that I decided to specialise in sports physiology to help athletes like you avoid the mistakes I made, stop wasting time, and finally make progress in cardio.

In this free guide, I've summarized everything you need to know about training zones to organize your cardio workouts in the best possible way and maximize your results with the minimum possible effort.

And above all, avoid the pitfalls that so many people face.

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